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Drink Before Drinking - Prepear is a beverage made up of Korean Pear Juice, Japanese Raisin Extract and Lemon Juice. Ingredients in Prepear are locally grown and juiced in Australia. Over the last few years, research has proven that these natural ingredients speed up the detoxification of alcohol and helps prevent nasty hangovers.

Customer Reviews

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Ebonie Carter
Life Saver!

I just bought my second 12 pack, I can’t drink anything without having my PrePear first. It’s given me my weekends back and I can’t thank you guys enough for making this magic potion..

Benjamin Gotto Smith
Worth a try

Tastes good and can’t hurt. Not sure if it fixes hangovers but seems to help.

Love it

WE have been drinking prepear for over a year now and honestly wouldn't have a big night without it.

Jarrod Eaves

Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, was very sad as I had high hopes and now I have three left in my fridge

Sara Devlin

There will never be another night on the sauce without prepear for starters! Fresh as a daisy the next day

Holy Flip!? Im a convert!

I wanted this TO WORK BUT I HAD ZERO CONFIDENCE IT ACTUALLY WOULD. WE GAVE IT A RED HOT RUN FOR ITS MONEY - MIXED DRINKS (WINE, TEQUILA AND TIA MARIA) + SKIPPED THE STANDARD BERROCA BEFORE BED. I WAS SURE I'D BE DEAD IN THE AM. SOMEHOW, THAT classic 'POISONED' FEELING was TOTALLY AWOL. ZERO QUEAZIES, and No aching brain! who knew a freaking pear could be legitimately magical? I still can't believe it. I'm in my 30's - hangovers hit me like a steamroller and turn my tummy into a warzone - I made the mistake of drinking without it this weekend and lets just say, I wont make that mistake again [DEAD!]. Buying in bulk so i don't get caught out again without this bad boy on my side! Cheers lads, Love it!

Pru Campbell
Amen for prepear!

Great stuff. I don't drink very often with 3 kids but when I do I drink, I prepear and don't get the dreaded hangover.

Shenay Martin
Magical pears!

This is an amazing juice that I highly recommend! Zero hangover from a very very big night! I take my hat off for you mr pear! Xox